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Ignite Your Fantasies with the Wonderful and Luxurious Feel of a Steam Shower

Has your day or week ever left feeling tired or exhausted? Was it your work regimen, your kids or just life in general?  If so, the latest steam showers for 2019 may be exactly what you need.  They are specially engineered and designed to provide you with the soothing and comfort you crave.

Some, along with the soothing sprays bring you the benefit of standing or seated shower along with a host of enticing amenities. However, with lots of steam showers available in the market these days, you might get confused about choosing the best amongst those.

Therefore, we bring you the features of the top, well-equipped steam showers available.  Compare each of them and decide on what features you want and what, of course, fits your budget.

How To Choose A Steam Shower

The fact that you found our site may mean that you are ready to buy.  But there are plenty of models with plenty of options out there.  Here are the top parameters to consider before finalizing your purchase selection:

You must choose a steam shower that comes with all the features that you like to have, but also the one which your pocket allows. Prices range from around $1,000 to upwards of $9,000.

You must also consider the dimensions of the steam shower before buying it, considering the space of your bathing room.

Then it should also be easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, you may want to choose a stylish and sleek model that you would love to see every time you enter your bathroom.  One with easy to use and easy to access features. Then, over this, it must be energy efficient so that your electricity bill would not shoot-up with its usage.

With all this considered, you now know, in theory what you need to look for when selecting a steam shower. So, on to the search. And to help you with this we bring you the six top-selling steam shower models in the US:

    1) Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-L Steam Shower
    Aston Steam Shower, 52 x 39 x 85, 24 Massage Jets, White
    1001Now Corner Steam Shower Enclosure with Hydro Massage Jets & Foot Massage 
    ARIEL 300A Steam Shower 
    ARIEL Platinum DA333F8 Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtub 


Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-L Steam Shower
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  • Steam shower Dimensions 47″ x 35.4″ x 89″ Left side plumbing and drain location
  • 6 body massage jets, handheld showerhead, rainfall ceiling shower
  • Steam generator 6kw. Produces high temperature steam within 2 minutes. Overheat protection
  • Chromatherapy lighting, aromatherapy system ( oils not included) FM radio
  • 220 v installation, 1 stool. Teak wooden floorboard, ventilation fan.

Aston Steam Shower, 52 x 39 x 85, 24 Massage Jets, White
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  • Constructed of durable fiberglass-reinforced acrylic and aluminum framing with tempered safety glass
  • Built-in 3 kW steam generator creates steam in under 5 minutes
  • Directional overhead rainfall shower, multi-functional handheld shower and 24 directional body jets
  • Diverter valve to select between the showerhead, body jets or hand shower and thermostatic valve to maintain constant water temperature
  • Push button LED control panel with built-in FM Tuner with marine grade speaker, 1 bench seat
  • 12V Light, Storage Shelves, Exhaust Fan, Mirror, Adjustable feet for leveling, Drain kit included

1001Now Corner Steam Shower Enclosure with
Hydro Massage Jets & Foot Massage
Corner Steam Shower with Powerful Hydro Massage Jets

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  • Overhead Rainfall Style Shower Head
  • Multi-Function Sliding Handle Shower
  • Touch-Screen Display & Control, Foot Massage Attachment
  • FM Radio, LED Mood Lighting, Powerful Speaker, all mirrors & glass



ARIEL 300A Steam Shower
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  • 3Kw Steam Generator
  • Built In Digital Control Panel
  • Blue Tinted Glass
  • Rainfall Ceiling Shower
  • Built In Heating Limiter Provides Safe Heating

ARIEL Platinum DA333F8 Steam Shower
with Whirlpool Bathtub
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  •  Dimensions: 59 x 59 x 89
  •  Computer control panel w/ timer for easy use
  •  Steam sauna (6KW generator) 
  •  Cleaning Function for Disinfection


Although we have discussed all the major features of the top six varieties of steam showers, the choice will be yours. You must go through the advantages of each and every of those and decide to select and order the one that best suits your required specifications.

Happy Showering!

About Steam Showers

You can use a steam shower to take a bathe not using merely with water, but with the vapor or steam of water in a semi-isolated steam room or chamber. These vapors of steam are spread in the chamber to give you a differentiated warm feeling. Such a steam bath or sauna is proven to reduce your stress level by relaxing your nerves of the body by the hot steam fomentation processes.

Even many physical therapists treat the chronic and acute diseases of their patients by taking them through the sauna bathes. These steam showers develop steam out of the supplied water through a separated steam generator. The system also has a shower opening into the steam chamber to disperse the generated steam surrounding the individual relaxing in the steam chamber.

The steam showers coming these days are intended to be used easily by the people of all age groups. You may operate most of those by just pressing a single button. Post then, all you need to do is to relax your body without thinking any of your life’s hurdle. Some of the steam generators also allow you to put in some herbal substances (like eucalyptus oil) that are very beneficial for your health.

The steam generator evaporates these added substances, mix those with the generated steam of water, and then pours on to your body and to your lungs for leveraging the best benefits. This technology is best suited for those who suffer from pain in their body’s muscles or joints, and do not want to depend on the painkillers those have harmful side effects.

Apart from this, if you think that the steam showers are not eco-friendly as those waste lots of water, then it is nothing more than a myth. A steam shower consumes only 1 gallon of water for every 10 minutes of operation. Comparatively, you consume the same amount of water in the shower of just 30 seconds.

Steam Shower Benefits

Rome was the place where the healing power of steam was initially perceived. Since then, steam showers have been used to heal and treat many diseases. The inescapable health benefits of steam shower make it highly desirable equipment in fitness centers, athletic clubs, and homes. It is steam generator enclosed inside a tile room.

It should be noted that the heart rate and blood pressure increase with an increase in heat, so the steam shower is not good for you if you have heart diseases or diabetes. So, it is mandatory to consult a medical practitioner before a steam shower usage.

Some of the significant contribution of a steam shower to human health:

  • Skin care

Do you fantasize for a beautiful and youthful skin without using any harsh chemicals? Then the steam shower is the right option for you. Steam is an unbleached moisturizer for your skin. A blend of moisture and hot air helps in consuming oxygen, vitamin, and minerals by opening the skin pores. It also permits your body cooling system to function properly by generating open pores. Open pores make your skin breathe.

  • Helps in managing stress

A steam shower helps your muscles to relax which in turn rests your mind, body, and spirit. Consequently, it allows you to sleep better.

  • Reduces stiffness and joint pain

Relaxing your muscles helps release tension in your joints and cartilage. When you get a good stretch, you get this feeling. So, the steam shower sounds better right?

  • Detoxifies the body

Amassment of toxins and chemicals in your body increases its toxicity. A steam shower causes you to sweat and sweats releases toxins. If you want to get back in fine fettle, then go for a steam shower!

  • Helps fight off colds

Your sinus obstruction and exasperation might get eased if you take a steam shower. Stand inside a steam room and take a full breath. You will see the benefits then and there as the steam unwinds the mucus inside your nose.

  • Improves your blood circulation

Blood flow in your body increases with the increase in temperature. Vasodilatation, the process of widening of blood vessels, is caused by exposure to steam. Widened blood vessels cause improved circulation.

  • Recovery from exercise

While working out, you develop metabolic waste in your body which causes tiredness and aching. Consolidating a steam shower and a cold shower, you can flush out metabolic waste from your body. Pumping action is created when you alternately take a cold bath and the heat of the steam respectively. This rids muscles of the wastes. Chop and change between one minute of steam and one minute of a cold shower and see the benefits.

  • Relieves respiratory diseases

Allergies of the lung such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, etc., can be treated with steam shower. The airways of the lungs get facilitated with the steam. Steam supports in breathing for those with lung inflammation and congestion. So, physicians recommend regular steam bath to people with lung problems.

Benefits of Buying a Steam Shower

Steam generators come with plenty of benefits to you if you purchase one. Go through some of those below:

    • Purchasing a good quality steam shower provides you with freedom and flexibility of use at your home, anytime you want. Or would be needed to leave your home and pay for the gym or spa center.
    • A steam shower at your home provides you with all the privacy and peace of mind that you need for rejuvenation. You would never be able to relax to this level when at the gym.
    • The steam shower’s moisture nourishes your skin’s pores and helps you to look and feel younger and fresh all the time. It also helps by washing out bacteria, stubborn dirt, and dead skin cells to even your tones.
    • It is a perfect, natural, and safest remedy for many diseases. With regular steaming sessions, the symptoms of many of your health problems like respiratory diseases (such as sinusitis and asthma), arthritic pain, and many more, are relieved to a significant level – and that too without intake of any painkiller or steroid.
  • Last but not the least, steam showers are known to be the best therapies for relieving individuals from stress and depression. The steaming process enhances the blood circulation in the body. This results in flexing your body muscles and relaxing your nervous system.

How many calories does a steam shower burn?

Most people are confused if steam showers can burn calories. Yes, they can. One of the most trusted ways of losing weight is by increasing the metabolism, by doing exercise. However, exercising is not the only way that can enhance the metabolism. Metabolism can also be increased by the regular use of steam baths. The heat and the heated steam help in stimulating the lymphatic system, which in return increases the metabolism.

As suggested by experts, the steam shower increases the metabolism by 20%, therefore, the calories burned in it also increases. It is estimated that an average healthy person can burn up to 300 calories while sitting for 30 minutes in the hot steam shower. The calories burnt in the hot steam shower can be more than the calories burned using some general forms of exercise.

Enjoy The Experience

To get that steamy spa experience, there are numerous options. There’s the steam showers above, but there are also shower wall panels that can be added to a shower stall and steam shower generators that can be added to your spa room. But whichever option you choose, may you have an aaaaaah-mazing experience 🙂