Best Steam Room Ideas

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The major concern in your lives is to elevate our well-being. A human’s typical life and regular jobs bring stress as a chore. Balancing the private life with the work pressure is a regular challenge. Isn’t the steam shower a great idea? Furthermore, it restores your home health. There are generally four types of steam room that are available on the market. They are as follows:

4 Types of Steam Rooms

  1. Steam shower cubicle: This is the cheapest and the most common steam shower. Can be used by a single person.
  2. Steam shower combo: More people fit inside it.
  3. Acrylic steam room: Found in commercial spaces.
  4. Tiled steam room: These are customized according to one’s need.

Establishing a steam room in your home requires space. So, if u have space then inculcate some luxury in it. A stylish steam room is a pleasurable experience for your eyes and body. Here we present to you some of the best steam room ideas, that might inspire you in one and many ways:

Every steam room should have a slanted ceiling to prevent cold rain coming down on the users due to condensation. Non-porous surface materials such a porcelain tiles, granite, marble, etc. are the best things to fix in your steam room. A glass door is usually accompanied with a tiled steam room. Proper sealing of the doors and the windows should be done to prevent the steam from escaping the steam room. The steam room walls should be water resistant so that humidity doesn’t leak through the walls. Fixing textured dark colored tiles on the ceiling of a steam room adds to divinity.

The eccentric harmony of a revitalizing steam shower and a walk-in shower in the same aperture can be achieved with the help of the air pocket system. The air pocket system is hidden within the wall. It helps to create a maintenance-free, airtight, seal that keeps the steam in. It uses a chamber (not seen with the naked eye) that has powerful air jets that clean the glass door and dries it too without any manual interference.

Fabricating a master steam shower with double bench in a steam room is a common trend. We prefer cozy seating arrangement in every steam shower. A smooth and a solid surface material for the seating arrangement should always be chosen over any materials. A portrait with light colors in the master steam room will be an added benefit.

Using two different colored tiles for the bathroom and the steam room respectively adds perfection to the design. It distinguishes between the steam room and the bathroom. Always prefer to fix tiles of sophisticated color in the steam room as it will add serenity and calmness to the place. Always add anti-skid strips on the floor of the steam room to prevent slipping.

Vapor sealed lighting fixtures should be installed in the steam room to prevent moisture from entering the lights. The ceiling wall full of led lighting fixtures and two lights on the wall of a steam room will be a great lightning idea for the steam room.

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