How Much To Install A Steam Room?

Are the thoughts of buying a steam room haunting your mind but you don’t have any idea how much it costs? You are lucky enough because I want to help you out.

The average cost of a steam room ranges between £350-£45,000. Did u get surprised by the difference? Quite evident though. The price ranges so hugely because there are different types of steam showers available in the market and they are built in different ways. So, let us see the different steam showers and their prices. Here we go:

  • Steam shower pod

This kind of steam showers is generally available in bathroom stores. Practically, this is a one-person shower, but you can use it as a steam room also. Their price ranges between £500 and £2,500.

Though these type of steam showers are low in quality and they tend to leak and break. Opting for these aren’t a bad choice but make it sure that you go to a good supplier. They will offer a good warranty in case anything goes wrong. A higher quality steam shower from a manufacturer like Tylo or Helo might range from £8000-£60,000. Better quality steam showers always last longer and the price also depends on its features such as lights, a better quality is always beneficial.

  • Acrylic steam room

This type of steam rooms is less popular these days. The steam shower is winning the hearts of the people. They are delivered in ready-to-assemble packs in their specific sizes. The price ranges between £5,500-£25,000. The price depends on your desired size.

The benefit of this type of steam shower is its large space compared to a stream pod. You can get a few more people in. This type may be favorable for the commercial setting.

  • Custom built a steam room

This steam room is luxurious enough and they can be seen in a sophisticated bathroom. This is highly long-lasting and resistant due to its tiles. Generally, people spend £10,000-£29,000, but it completely depends on the size and features that you desire. A smaller steam room capable of accommodating a handful of people will cost less compared to a larger one.

A custom-built insulated pod is finished with your choice of tiles. According to your preference, we add things like a glass front or a LED. So, its completely what you want and how you want it.

This type of steam room does not fit any price list because it is entirely customized. So, here is an estimation regarding the price of a custom-built steam room:

  1. Calculate the linear meters. For example, 2m.2m.2m=8 linear meters.
  2. Multiply it by £2,000. For example, 8. £2,000.
  3. This is your price (VAT inclusive). £17,000.

Other features that you wish to have such as lights, doors will add money on. This above price matches 90% of the cases. You can construct a steam room wherever you wish to construct, and you can also decide how much you want to spend on it. Buying a portable unit is also beneficial.


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