How To Clean A Steam Room

clean steam room

Your steam room is the house of multiple bacteria and viruses. They may be a cause of your lung infection! Have you ever thought of that? A cleaned steam room is mandatory for you if you want to experience the health benefits that a steam room provides.

Cleaning your steam room

The steam room should be cleaned from top to bottom using an antibacterial cleanser. You should choose your cleanser depending on the type of material your steam room is constructed from. Here are a few easy steps about how to clean your steam room:

  • Clean after every usage by scrubbing the benches and wall. Clean the backrests also. Keep a hand brush and a bucket full of water. After you are done with steaming process, dip the brush inside the bucket of water and scrub all the areas where you or any other person might have sat during the steaming process. You can add your preferred disinfectant liquid to the water bucket as well. You should scrub the walls and the benches for 30 seconds. Rinse the parts with clean water when you are finished.

  • Remove the stains by scrubbing with a hand brush. In order to prevent any stains from your sweat, use a towel while steaming. Lay the towel on the bench where you will be sitting. The sweat, dead skins and dirt cause stains. This will be prevented if u use a towel. Difficult and prominent stains should be rubbed with a sandpaper.

  • You can also use a vacuum cleaner if you see dirt, hair etc., on the floor. Vacuuming the floor every few weeks is a good idea. You can do it even if you don’t find any noticeable dirt on the floor.

  • Disinfecting the grates should be done regularly. Moisture gathers more in drains and ventilation. These places can breed pathogens. Take them out of the steam shower and scrub them to get rid of the pathogens.

  • Avoid cleaning with ammonia as it is stronger compared to any other mild cleaners. Clean the steam shower with a soap and a hose pipe if you use the steam shower regularly. Rub the benches with a sandpaper annually to obtain a smooth finish on the surface again. Make a bleach solution to clean the mold if any.

  • Mop the floor of your steam room with a deodorizing cleaner to get rid of any stains or the odor in the room. You can also clean the floor with cleaners supplied by your steam shower manufacturer.

  • Use a pressure washer for cleaning the outside part of your steam room. This will make the steam room look nice. Do not use a pressure washer on the interiors because it might damage the wood of the interiors of your steam room.

  • Always perform general maintenance. Tightening loose screws and brushing out water spots is required on a day to day basis. This will prevent you from tightening many screws later. You should also make sure that the door’s hinges close and opens properly.


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How Much To Install A Steam Room?

Install steam room

Are the thoughts of buying a steam room haunting your mind but you don’t have any idea how much it costs? You are lucky enough because I want to help you out.

The average cost of a steam room ranges between £350-£45,000. Did u get surprised by the difference? Quite evident though. The price ranges so hugely because there are different types of steam showers available in the market and they are built in different ways. So, let us see the different steam showers and their prices. Here we go:

  • Steam shower pod

This kind of steam showers is generally available in bathroom stores. Practically, this is a one-person shower, but you can use it as a steam room also. Their price ranges between £500 and £2,500.

Though these type of steam showers are low in quality and they tend to leak and break. Opting for these aren’t a bad choice but make it sure that you go to a good supplier. They will offer a good warranty in case anything goes wrong. A higher quality steam shower from a manufacturer like Tylo or Helo might range from £8000-£60,000. Better quality steam showers always last longer and the price also depends on its features such as lights, a better quality is always beneficial.

  • Acrylic steam room

This type of steam rooms is less popular these days. The steam shower is winning the hearts of the people. They are delivered in ready-to-assemble packs in their specific sizes. The price ranges between £5,500-£25,000. The price depends on your desired size.

The benefit of this type of steam shower is its large space compared to a stream pod. You can get a few more people in. This type may be favorable for the commercial setting.

  • Custom built a steam room

This steam room is luxurious enough and they can be seen in a sophisticated bathroom. This is highly long-lasting and resistant due to its tiles. Generally, people spend £10,000-£29,000, but it completely depends on the size and features that you desire. A smaller steam room capable of accommodating a handful of people will cost less compared to a larger one.

A custom-built insulated pod is finished with your choice of tiles. According to your preference, we add things like a glass front or a LED. So, its completely what you want and how you want it.

This type of steam room does not fit any price list because it is entirely customized. So, here is an estimation regarding the price of a custom-built steam room:

  1. Calculate the linear meters. For example, 2m.2m.2m=8 linear meters.
  2. Multiply it by £2,000. For example, 8. £2,000.
  3. This is your price (VAT inclusive). £17,000.

Other features that you wish to have such as lights, doors will add money on. This above price matches 90% of the cases. You can construct a steam room wherever you wish to construct, and you can also decide how much you want to spend on it. Buying a portable unit is also beneficial.


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What’s The Difference Between A Steam Room and A Sauna?

steam woman

There is a simple difference between a steam room and a sauna. Saunas generate dry heat while the steam room provides moist heat.

Steamy steam or non-steamy sauna?

In a sauna, a pile of rocks is heated up with a heater, which finally emits heat. The rocks are generally the main source of heat in the room. Although you can pour water on the heated-up rocks to create some steam, the steam room is no doubt steamier than the sauna. A vent is made near the floor in the sauna to bring some fresh air inside the sauna. The vent also limits humidity buildup inside the sauna. However, infrared light is also used in some sauna instead of radiant heat.

A steam generator is used inside a steam room to generate steam. It is much more airtight compared to a sauna and hence the humidity builds up inside the steam room is 100 percent. The air is so damp that even water condenses on the walls of the room.

Steam rooms are hot, Saunas are hotter

Though your body won’t sense the difference, saunas are hotter than steam rooms. The temperature ranges between 160 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit in a typical sauna. It also has 5 to 30 percent respectively humidity level. To our astonishment, the temperature range in a steam room is between 110 degrees to 120 degrees. You feel much hotter because the 100 percent humidity prevents the sweat from evaporating.

The difference of materials

A heated-up metal surface is sufficient to give you a great burn. So, what material would you choose for the benches inside a sauna? Wood, right? one more benefit of using wood is that it will absorb the moisture, keeping the surfaces cool. It will also pull out humidity from the air. However, we prevent the use of wood in steam room because the constant condensation will degrade the wood and it will add up to the maintenance cost. Surface materials of the steam room are non-porous.

Health benefits

Though they both reduce muscle tension and promotes general well-being, the steam room is preferred by those who have allergies and congestion in the chest. A cough and lung problems can be treated if someone sits in a steam room. People with dry skin gets benefitted if they take a steam shower. A sauna is not good for people with dry skin. Sauna’s make it drier. On the other hand, people with greasy skin should opt for a sauna as the steam shower will make their skin greasier. People who have conditions that are aggravated by humidity prefers sauna.

Cleaning issues

A steam room must be clean and disinfected frequently. Moisture attracts mold and bacteria. Fungi and bacteria find the moist environment suitable for its growth. So, serious actions must be taken to keep it hygienic.


A steam shower can’t be tolerated for long as steam begins to overheat after 10-15 minutes.  Whereas, a sauna can be tolerated for long and people generally requires long time in the sauna.


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Best Steam Room Ideas

Steam room ideas

The major concern in your lives is to elevate our well-being. A human’s typical life and regular jobs bring stress as a chore. Balancing the private life with the work pressure is a regular challenge. Isn’t the steam shower a great idea? Furthermore, it restores your home health. There are generally four types of steam room that are available on the market. They are as follows:

  1. Steam shower cubicle: This is the cheapest and the most common steam shower. Can be used by a single person.
  2. Steam shower combo: More people fit inside it.
  3. Acrylic steam room: Found in commercial spaces.
  4. Tiled steam room: These are customized according to one’s need.

Establishing a steam room in your home requires space. So, if u have space then inculcate some luxury in it. A stylish steam room is a pleasurable experience for your eyes and body. Here we present to you some of the best steam room ideas, that might inspire you in one and many ways:

Every steam room should have a slanted ceiling to prevent cold rain coming down on the users due to condensation. Non-porous surface materials such a porcelain tiles, granite, marble, etc. are the best things to fix in your steam room. A glass door is usually accompanied with a tiled steam room. Proper sealing of the doors and the windows should be done to prevent the steam from escaping the steam room. The steam room walls should be water resistant so that humidity doesn’t leak through the walls. Fixing textured dark colored tiles on the ceiling of a steam room adds to divinity.

The eccentric harmony of a revitalizing steam shower and a walk-in shower in the same aperture can be achieved with the help of the air pocket system. The air pocket system is hidden within the wall. It helps to create a maintenance-free, airtight, seal that keeps the steam in. It uses a chamber (not seen with the naked eye) that has powerful air jets that clean the glass door and dries it too without any manual interference.

Fabricating a master steam shower with double bench in a steam room is a common trend. We prefer cozy seating arrangement in every steam shower. A smooth and a solid surface material for the seating arrangement should always be chosen over any materials. A portrait with light colors in the master steam room will be an added benefit.

Using two different colored tiles for the bathroom and the steam room respectively adds perfection to the design. It distinguishes between the steam room and the bathroom. Always prefer to fix tiles of sophisticated color in the steam room as it will add serenity and calmness to the place. Always add anti-skid strips on the floor of the steam room to prevent slipping.

Vapor sealed lighting fixtures should be installed in the steam room to prevent moisture from entering the lights. The ceiling wall full of led lighting fixtures and two lights on the wall of a steam room will be a great lightning idea for the steam room.

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