How To Clean A Steam Room

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clean steam room

Need to learn how to clean a steam room? You’re on the right page.

Your steam room is the house of multiple bacteria and viruses. They may be a cause of your lung infection! Have you ever thought of that? A cleaned steam room is mandatory for you if you want to experience the health benefits that a steam room provides.

Cleaning your steam room

The steam room should be cleaned from top to bottom using an antibacterial cleanser. You should choose your cleanser depending on the type of material your steam room is constructed from. Here are a few easy steps about how to clean your steam room:

    • Clean after every usage by scrubbing the benches and walls. Clean the backrests also. Keep a hand brush and a bucket full of water. After you are done with the steaming process, dip the brush inside the bucket of water and scrub all the areas where you or any other person might have sat during the steaming process. You can add your preferred disinfectant liquid to the water bucket as well. You should scrub the walls and the benches for 30 seconds. Rinse the parts with clean water when you are finished.


    • Remove the stains by scrubbing with a hand brush. In order to prevent any stains from your sweat, use a towel while steaming. Lay the towel on the bench where you will be sitting. The sweat, dead skins and dirt cause stains. This will be prevented if u use a towel. Difficult and prominent stains should be rubbed with sandpaper.


    • You can also use a vacuum cleaner if you see dirt, hair, etc., on the floor. Vacuuming the floor every few weeks is a good idea. You can do it even if you don’t find any noticeable dirt on the floor.


    • Disinfecting the grates should be done regularly. Moisture gathers more in drains and ventilation. These places can breed pathogens. Take them out of the steam shower and scrub them to get rid of the pathogens.


    • Avoid cleaning with ammonia as it is stronger compared to any other mild cleaners. Clean the steam shower with soap and a hose pipe if you use the steam shower regularly. Rub the benches with sandpaper annually to obtain a smooth finish on the surface again. Make a bleach solution to clean the mold if any.


    • Mop the floor of your steam room with a deodorizing cleaner to get rid of any stains or the odor in the room. You can also clean the floor with cleaners supplied by your steam shower manufacturer.


    • Use a pressure washer for cleaning the outside part of your steam room. This will make the steam room look nice. Do not use a pressure washer on the interiors because it might damage the wood of the interiors of your steam room.


  • Always perform general maintenance. Tightening loose screws and brushing out water spots is required on a day to day basis. This will prevent you from tightening many screws later. You should also make sure that the door’s hinges close and opens properly.


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