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Best Steam Shower Generators

In the race to win in this world, you must run fast. You must always try to push your limits and do a little more than your capacity!But what after that? What after the day ends?  You are broken and exhausted and can’t even think about starting a  new day tomorrow! Well, that’s where the role of Steam Generators comes in. Steam generators give you the experience of relaxing spas and saunas in the comfort of your own homes!

How To Choose The Best For You

The main factor that you need to consider while choosing a steam generator is your requirement of steam output. Every model has its own steam output power and you have to make the decision whether you can do away with a low power low steam model or you need a high powered high steam version for a more relaxing experience.

Then the question comes to how much space do you have. The model you choose should be compact enough to be confined in the space that you actually have to install it in your house. There are models available which are so compact that they can even fit in an empty wardrobe compartment!

Other factors that you should consider are its ventilation, safety measures and easy to use interface. An ideal model should always include an explosion-proof body and leakage protection. There are now models available on the market that are digitally controlled and are thus easy to use.


• Don’t be in the steam bath for longer durations
• Keep kids away from the machine as it might be hot
• Turn Off whenever not in use

Steam Radius Weight Dimensions
460 - 700 37 lbs 20.5 x 12.7 x 20 inches
320-460 27.6 lbs 19.8 x 20 x 10.4 inches
220 28.1 lbs 5 x 5 x 5 inches
195—300 23.2 lbs 21.3 x 8 x 16 inches
251 to 450 30 lbs 15" x 6 x 15.5 inches


Reviews of the Best Steam Generators

Superior 12kW Self Draining Steam Bath Generator superior 12k steam shower generator

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A 12kW heavy duty steam generator, this model is a durable and powerful steam generator which is ideal for your home use. The more the steam is, the more you can benefit from your product! It comes with 1 Phase Steam outlet and 2 chrome steam outlets and it takes up about 460-700 cubic feet of space.
A useful feature of this particular model is the self-drainage system. You would not have to worry about steam being condensed on the floor, making it a slippery surface.



The self-drainage lets the floor remain as dry as it possible and thus keep you safe from slipping. Its controls are waterproof and programmable so you won’t have to worry about them getting dysfunctional in steam. But still, if you desire to keep them extra safe, just in case, there is also an option of planting them outside the shower as it comes with a 16 feet long connecting wire for the control panel!

Other features to look out for are a temperature sensor and aromatherapy outlet, which is our personal favorite!

This product is rated a perfect 5 star on Amazon and is an ETL certified steam generator, so the quality is almost warranted for! A reviewer on Amazon does on to say that he had a great experience with the company’s quick customer care, as well as the product which he claims was even better than his gym’s commercial grade unit! He confirms that room is filled with steam in a total time of 5-0 minutes, which is incredible!


What We Liked What We Didn’t Like
ETL Certified Steam Output Capacity a little more than required for household use
Control Panel can be mounted inside or outside both
Aroma Therapy Outlet
Superior 12kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator with Waterproof Programmable Controls and 2 Chrome Steam Outlets
  • ETL Certified Self-draining steam generator
  • Control Panel which can be mounted inside or outside of the Shower Room
  • 16 feet of connecting wire for control panel
  • Temperature Sensor & Chrome steam head with aroma therapy outlet
  • Call to confirm size. Material used to build the room will change the "adjusted" cubic footage




Superior 9kw steam shower generator

Superior 9 kW Steam Generator

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This is just a lighter version of the first one with 9 kW of power, so the steam output would be a little less all over, but in all fairness, it just might be enough to keep a small family relaxed! You probably won’t need so much steam when you are using it for residential use and so 9 kW is a preferable size when you considering to buy for your house.Its control panel can also be mounted both inside the steam bath and outside the bath! It too comes with a 16 feet long connecting wire to the remote console.





But even in the case when you want to mount it inside to conveniently change the settings in between the bath, you can do it without any worry because the buttons are waterproof and can withstand the steam inside.

It also includes one of our most favorite features, the aromatherapy outlet which gives you the option of possibly a more peaceful experience. Features like temperature sensors are also something to look out for in this particular compact size model!!

It also comes with an instruction manual that tells you exactly how and where to put the machine.  A reviewer of the product on Amazon goes on to say that this generator was just perfect for his home use. He praises the company’s quick response customer team which had helped in installing the generator!
Another reviewer appreciates the self-draining feature, which according to him, keeps the shower clean and last longer!


What We Liked What We Didn’t Like
Ideal for home use A lot less powerful than its higher version
ETL Certified
Control Panel can be mounted inside or outside both
Temperature Sensor
Aroma Therapy Outlet
Superior 9kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator with Waterproof Programmable Controls and Chrome Steam Outlet
  • ETL Certified Self-draining steam generator
  • Control Panel which can be mounted inside or outside of the Shower Room
  • 16 feet of connecting wire for control panel
  • Shower wand with on/off controls
  • Chrome steam head with aroma therapy outlet




Steamist SM-7 7kW Steam Generator steamist steam shower generator

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This product is made especially keeping in mind the residential use audience. It is highly compact, occupying a measly 220 cubic foot space in your house. This can literally be fitted inside an almirah or on an empty shelf near your bathroom.

This product also stands out in durability as it features stainless steel construction and solid state circuitry all over its metal body. It is designed to last for years of no maintenance.




Its body is also covered in a Limited Lifetime Warranty!  But even in the case when you want to mount it inside to conveniently change the settings in between the bath, you can do it without any worry because the buttons are waterproof and can withstand the steam inside. Although it does not come pre-equipped with a drainage system, it has the option of adding on an auto drain which will enhance the performance.

It is easy to install its remote controllers, due to them being just like telephone connectors. Even its overall installation is made very easy, as its controls and the plumbing hookup and electrical lines are similar to those of your existing hot water heater.

Although what we don’t like about this product is its extremely less steam output. At only 7 kW, it is one of the least capacity steam generators on this list!
It has a rating of 4 stars on Amazon and a reviewer has condemned that he has been using it for two years now and goes on to tell about his previous generator from Steamist which lasted 14 years! And coming onto that, Steamist is a really trustworthy brand since it has been around for over 40 Years in this business now and even goes to offer lifetime warranties on its products with excellent customer service which really shows its confidence in its own products.


What We Liked What We Didn’t Like
Compact and Ideal to fit in a small house Less steam output capacity
Easy to install  A bit Expensive
The option of adding Auto Drain
Steamist SM-7 7 kW Steam Generator
  • The fixed kilowatt steam generators are used where sizing criteria is more specific to the given area
  • 7 KW rating
  • 220 max cubic foot range
  • 15-Inch x 6-Inch x 15.5-Inch
  • 240 V / single phase / 29 max Amps




Happybuy 6kw steam shower generator


HappyBuy 6 kW Steam Generator

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This product is the most economical option on this list! It is utterly compact for home use too. At only 180-250 cubic feet, it takes up very less space in your house and can be fitted almost anywhere you want it.It has a temperature setting range from 95-131’ F and a time setting range from 1-60 minutes, which make it versatile and useful.  It also houses the option to add Auto Drain which would keep the generator clean and working.




It has a very useful feature that is a fault self-diagnosis display function, such as leakage protection, high-temperature protection, over voltage protection, water protection, and liner pressure safety protection. Thus it can be said that safety is a major concern for the makers of this product! It runs not only a useful display but an attractive one too, with an LED digital display for temperature and shutdown time.

Other features to look out for in this product are Ozone sterilization function; digital timer and water temp control. It also features a ventilation fan for better air circulation so that the steam does not condense on the floor and make it slippery!

The only thing we don’t like is the capacity, which is 6 kW, the lowest on the list! But seeing its price is 4 times lesser than the cheapest of all other options, we would say it just about justifies its shortcoming!

With a 3.4 star rating on Amazon, it seems to be doing quite well in a monopoly market for such products. A reviewer on Amazon says that when he replaced his 14-year-old Steamist with this cheaper alternative, he found out that this one actually produces steam faster than their Steamiest!


What We Like What We Didn’t Like
Extremely Cheap Not a trusted brand
Lesser time gaps between steam batches No demarcations in Fahrenheit, only in Celsius
Auto Drain option Not ideal for larger rooms
Self-Diagnosis Display
Happybuy Steam Generator 6KW Steam Showers 220V-240V Sauna Steam Generator with Programmable Controller for Home SPA Bathroom Hotel Shower Steam(Controller Not Contain Battery)
  • Steam Generator - Power: 6kw, 220V-240V, 60HZ, 1 Phase (can not used on 110v+110v power) ; Room Volume: 180-250 cubic feet
  • The Temperature Setting Range : 35-55℃ (95 -131℉); Working Time setting:0~60min adjustable / long duration
  • The steambath generator with fault self-diagnosis display function,such as leakage protection,high temperature protection,Over voltage protection,Water protection and liner pressure safety protection
  • Sauna steamer equipped LED digital display for temperature and shutdown time
  • The steam generator is widely used in sauna, bathroom, size restaurant hotel, hotel, textile, medicine, clothing, packaging, food and other industries




Elite steam shower generator


Elite Steam 10 kW Steam Generator

See Current Prices and More on Amazon

The main focus of this product is quality of steam. The steam generator motor in this product is made by the market leaders and the most respected manufacturers in the market, Steamist, which brings a certain faith in quality for this particular product!  High-quality components and stainless steel have been used in this product to make it durable and able to give out good quality steam for years.





It is highly compact and can be fitted into any corner of your home, even under counters or in nearby closets! This makes a huge plus point for this product as one of the main concerns when bringing in a steam generator is space in the house!

It is very easy to purchase and install on your own. The package includes the generator, the inside control (in polished chrome, brushed chrome, or polished nickel), the steam head, and the cable. With elaborate instruction manuals also available in the package, it becomes easier for the common man to set it up on his own!

It has the same custom temperature and timing features as all the others on this list, but what makes it stand out is its best in class warranty. A 2-year warranty on manufacturer and workmanship defects is more than generous and even then, the company offers a limited lifetime warranty for certain parts!


What We Like What We Didn’t Like
Compact and can fit almost anywhere A bit pricey
The high quality of steam  No auto drain option
Core parts made by industry leaders Steamist
Easy to install and use
Best in class warranty
EliteSteam 10 KiloWatt Luxury Home Steam Shower System (Steam Shower Generator, Control, Steam Head, and Cable) (Polished Chrome Inside Control) (.Polished Chrome Inside Control)
  • Reliable Quality Steam - Our Steam Shower Generator is manufactured by Steamist, one of the Most Respected Manufacturers in the Steam Shower Industry. We use Stainless Steel Tanks and Quality Components for Years of High Quality Steam in your Bathroom.
  • Simple to purchase and install - Our Steam Shower Bundles have everything you need so it’s super simple to buy. We include the steam generator, the inside control (in polished chrome, brushed chrome, or polished nickel), the steamhead, and the cable.
  • Fits into almost any space - Our Steam Shower Generators are Tight and Compact and Can Fit in Almost Any Space even Under Counters or in Nearby Closets.
  • Best in Class warranty - We warranty that our Residential Steam Bath Generators, Controls and Accessories are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year. After one (1) year the residential steam generator will have an extended limited ten (10) year warranty on parts only.
  • Made in the USA by Steamist, see sized guidelines below


The market of the steam generator is one with highly diverse products that vary hugely in price, features and steam output. There is no one best product. Any product that fits your requirements exactly can be your best product. But still, to narrow it down for you we had made this list of the best steam generators to make it easier for you to choose the best one for you.

We sincerely hope it helped and that you have now enough information about the products to make an informed decision!

But to choose between the hundreds of models across the market is a laboring task. So we thought we would do it for you! Here we have compiled a list of the best steam generators on the market for you to own.

But first, let us understand a little bit more about steam generators.

Why Should You Use a Steam Generator?

Stuck at a monotonous 9-5 job, sitting in the same chair for hours? Own your business and have to run miles in a single day to get the business running?  Well, a steam bath at the end of your day might be just what you need to unwind from your stressful and tiring day! Steam Generato rs that come specifically for household use are compact and prove to be incredibly useful for anyone who has a job or an exhaustive day to day schedule.

A steam generator lets you have the option to have a sauna or a spa experience right at your home without shedding out hundreds of dollars daily! They bring to you the therapeutic benefits of a steam bath that is incredibly good for your health in many ways.

It helps you regulate your blood circulation, detoxification, stress release and take you towards an all over health increasing experience, physically as well as mentally!

The main reason why you should have one at home is to, well, save money. You would have to pay hundreds of dollars in gym fees and sauna expenses if you want the same experience. You should not have to pay such kind of money when you can make a onetime investment and get yourself and your family for that matter, your very own personal sauna.  Plus it has an allover luxury appeal to itself which would make you feel rich and satisfied with yourself too.

Who Can Use it?

The steam generators that are available on the market right now are both residential grade and commercial grade. The residential models can be used by anyone in the house at all! Whether it be the tired husband who comes home every night exhausted from his day, or a housewife who gets tired handling the house and kids for all day long, or even kids for that matter who automatically get tired every day with running and playing all day, everyone in the family can benefit from such a product.

You can even buy a commercial grade steam generator and open up a steam bath shop around the neighborhood as a part-time business. Surely, people from all over your neighborhood will realize the benefits of a steam bath and come to your place to get the experience!

Benefits of Steam Bath

There are countless benefits to steam baths which include physical as well as mental benefits. Some of the physical benefits include:
• Muscle relaxation provides relief from soreness
• Natural drug-free relief from arthritis and joint pain
• The heat from the steam stimulates the cardiovascular system to expand the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow. As a result, more nutrients are transported to your body.
• The opening of pores aids the release of toxins and impurities in the skin, treating problems like acne.
• With pores open, shaving and waxing can become incredibly easy and effective.
• Steam is ideal for opening up of nasal passages during times of cold, and even curing inflammation.

Apart from the physical benefits, there are some other benefits to steam bath also. Sitting in a steam bath with every part of your body being relaxed to the core, you forget the outside world and your worries for a short period ad this lets your mind rejuvenate. This goes to give you mental and emotional benefits that keep your mind stable.