Top Tips For Purchasing a Reliable Steam Shower Generator

Today, steam showers have become a popular option to relax, wash off the stress, cure the body, improve blood circulation, cure joint aches, and other numerous reasons. Steam showers are frequent at spas, health clubs, and gyms. However, with the rising levels of tension and weariness, many people want steam shower for their houses.

If you want to revitalize your tired body through steam at your house, you should know how to pick the best steam shower generator.

What is a Steam Generator?

A steam generator is an essential part of the steam shower, a small box-like device that heats water to generate steam. When you shop for a steam generator, you should choose the right size to have the best possible steam experience. That way, you can be assured that your generator isn’t wasting resources when creating steam for your bath. Also, you won’t waste time waiting for your steam shower.

When buying the steam generator, consider two critical factors:

  1. Area Size


The dimensions of your bathroom can affect the choice of a home steam generator. So, before buying the generator, make sure you know the measurement (cubic feet) of your steam shower room’s volume.


To calculate, you have to multiply the room’s length, width, and height. Knowing this is crucial because the steam generator’s size corresponds to the room’s size for producing enough steam that fills the entire area.


These also include how high the ceiling is and the width and length of the shower enclosure. With a small generator, you won’t have enough steam in your shower. And you’ll have too much steam if you buy a big generator.


  1. Shower Build-Up Materials


The materials of your shower enclosure can impact your steam generator. Steam reacts to the walls, ceiling as the ambient temperature of the steam room.


If your steam enclosure is made from a non-porous material, choosing a smaller steam generator is ideal. On the other hand, for porous materials, you will need a larger steam shower generator.


Here are a few features to look for when buying a steam generator:

  • Your steam generator should feature stainless steel inside and out. It will increase the life of the generator.


  • Select a compact size for your steam generator for ease and flexibility of installation.


  • Self-diagnosed LED indicators on the steam generator for the hassle-free, continuous steam function


  • Precision connectors for convenient plug-and-play installation of several steam generator features


  • A 24-volt transformer for safety and protection


  • A standard 1/2-inch port ball valve for ease of service


The Bottom Line

Today, the demand for steam showers is increasing in spas and gyms, and even in homes. The dealer can assist you in end-to-end installation and choosing the best-suited steam shower generator for your home.